How to Do Your Nails to Look Like You Had Them Done Professionally

Whether you're having a girls' night in, a little me-time therapy or you just don't want to drag yourself to the nail salon, sometimes the best nail care is DIY nail care. The difference between a quick swipe of polish at home and a professional salon visit is all in the prep. If you start with a smooth, clean bare nail, your polish will go on much smoother. Follow this technique for perfect polish application, and you'll flash those perfectly done digits with pride.

How to Tan Without Burning

Most health officials agree that tanning in any form is not good for your skin. But for those who must tan, there are a couple of options to choose from.

Things You'll Need

Aloe Vera Gel

Beach Towels
Swimming Trunks

How to Paint Daisies on Your Nails

Daisies are simple enough to paint that you don't need decals to add this sweet flower to your nails. This tutorial explains how to make the traditional yellow-and-white daisy, but you can be as creative with the petal colors as you like — just make sure to consider how all of the colors, from the background to the flower, will look when put together.

How to Paint Your Nails by Dipping Them in Swirled Paint

Nail art designs are a popular fashion statement for many women, from stripes to flowers and other designs. You can go to a nail salon to get your nails done, but you can save time and money and get the same professional results by following a basic process. For a fun, multicolored nail design that adds depth and interest to your nails, you can paint your nails by dipping them in swirled nail polish.

How to Correctly Paint Your Toe Nails

Painting your toe nails is one way to add some style to your feet. You can paint your toe nails daily to match different outfits, or select a good basic color you enjoy to wear all the time such as a classic red. Painting your toe nails should be done correctly to ensure the color lasts long and looks great on your toes.

How to Paint Your Nails Zebra Print

Go beyond the classic nail colors and turn your manicure into nail art. Painting prints is the ultimate nail trend because it allows you to get creative whether you want to emulate your favorite celebrity's nails, or be totally unique. Before you execute your safari inspired-design, remember to polish evenly and always buff nails prior to painting, it will make zebra-printed manicure last longer.

How to Paint Your Nails like a Pro

Thin layers, multiple coats and a steady hand can help you polish your nails like a professional. Properly painted digits boast a longer life, freeing your nails from those irksome post-polishing chips and smudges. A few pro techniques can help you attain an even polish application and clean, glossy finish.

How to Paint Chalkboard Walls

An empty chalkboard is like a blank sheet of paper -- a nearly irresistible temptation for the doodle, the graffiti, the grocery list, the stick figure. Coat your walls in chalkboard paint and watch creativity blossom in your house. A lot of, or a little, painted chalkboard surface might inspire the young Botticelli to forgo crayons on the fin de siecle wallpaper, or remind you of the vet appointment. Grab a paintbrush or roller, and a can of premade chalkboard paint, or mix your own from a simple recipe.

How to Paint Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels look impressive when they are brand new and straight out of the box. But over time, they get dirty, pinged and scratched. Spruce up the wheels with a paint makeover and give your ride a brand new or totally different look. Paint the wheels all one color or do a stylish two-tone scheme, and you'll be the envy of all your motorhead friends.

How to Paint a Room

Painting your walls can transform the look and feel of your home. You can make a small room look substantially bigger by using light colors or you can create a mood based on the paint color of your choice. To paint a room, start with the ceiling and then paint the walls. Finish with the trim.

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